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Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

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Today is a special day, whether you want to believe it or not. Today we celebrate fifty years of life. For some reason fifty has a certain stigma to it, which is why I think you’re not too thrilled about fifty candles on top of your cake today. But, your life is such a gift. Those that know you, cherish you, and those that are loved by you are blessed.

You have given me so much wisdom over the past 24 years and have been the best example of a hard-working mother, daughter, and wife. Now that I’m a mom myself, I’ve been given a greater perspective of the sacrifice it is to be called, “mom” - It’s not easy! Motherhood was a very humble awakening to all my weaknesses, faults, and selfishness; it led me to a greater appreciation for you. You are stubbornly selfless, driven, and always caring. Your sweet character and generosity shines through everything you do and everything you create. This list will not come close to justice for the amount of love and care and laughs you have given to your family and friends but it’s the biggest and best way I could think to tell you how truly amazing you are.

  1. You are so selfless in all your work, generosity, time, and love. On Saturday mornings, when all you wanted to do was enjoy a day off work and time to sleep in, you would get up anyways and make us the best chocolate chip pancakes.

  2. You always put others first, especially family. You would go, for what seemed like years, without buying new clothes or shoes just so we could have the things we wanted.

  3. You give help without batting an eye.

  4. Your cooking is yummy. It still amazes me that you would get home from work at 5 and go straight into the kitchen to cook the yummiest meals for your hungry kids. Did we even say thank you? If not, Thank you!

  5. Your creativity is inspiring.

  6. You don’t like potty humor yet somehow put up with your potty humor-loving family.

  7. Your desire to learn new things is inspiring.

  8. Your strength to persevere through hard and sad times is encouraging.

  9. You love easily and generously.

  10. You welcomed me into your family and entrusted your daughter to me to love and care for.

  11. You are a hard-worker.

  12. You are always down to play a board game with us.

  13. You make the best “Cece”. I am so thankful that Hadley has you to be loved by.

  14. You pushed me to do my best and work hard. Whether it was shooting basketballs in the driveway or trying to learn math (I hated math), you always taught me to do my best and to never give up.

  15. You are a great teacher.

  16. You forgive your children, even when they back into the brand new garage door or show up to dinner with a tattoo.

  17. You are the best helper.

  18. You gave me an incredible role model in the house and as a working wife and mom.

  19. You have a great sense of humor.

  20. You let your children learn from their mistakes and help us thrive in whatever environment we are in.

  21. You craft and create art that fills your house with color and joy.

  22. You treat your children’s friends like family.

  23. You never let Andrew or I leave your house without a bag full of essentials and treats.

  24. Your love for old-timey shows is unique and I’ve come to admire that about you.

  25. Your laugh is contagious.

  26. You always encourage our dreams and ambitions no matter how crazy they are.

  27. You can never sit through a movie or tv show because you are always trying to do something helpful like, the dishes or laundry.

  28. You make the best chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs on the side.

  29. You work hard but never let work come before family.

  30. You have a unique ability to run over all the squirrels on our street.

  31. You are intuitive and extremely imaginative.

  32. You wash clothes and towels like a champ.

  33. You have a love for air conditioning.

  34. You would move mountains to help someone in need.

  35. You think of words and phrases that Georgia has never heard before.

  36. You make time for family before you make time for yourself.

  37. You like to laugh at yourself and especially us.

  38. You love Daddy so well.

  39. You are an amazing last minute babysitter. Not only will you show up to babysit at the last minute, you tell us to stay out longer and enjoy some time out of the house.

  40. You have the creative mind to make meals out of what seems like an empty kitchen.

  41. You lead people, at work and home, so well.

  42. You have a love for adventure and trying new things and going new places.

  43. You insist on helping in every way you can.

  44. You travel far (12 hours) to visit family because you truly love those whom God has put in your life.

  45. Even on bad days, you never let something get your spirit down for too long. You easily forgive, forget, and move-on.

  46. You never let your children leave the house hungry. We can always expect a to-go bag to get us through the next couple days...or longer.

  47. You are a great example for Hadley. I love that I can depend on you to watch her and care for her whenever I am gone.

  48. You are the most loving and welcoming mother-in-law that I could have ever asked for.

  49. You are dependable and always desiring to serve and enjoy time with your family.

  50. You ALWAYS do the dishes when we order take-out!

All this to say, the world is very blessed by your fifty years. Today we praise God and celebrate fifty years of life, fifty years of Connie, twenty four years of “mom” - a  lifetime of thankfulness.

Happy Birthday.

You are loved.

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