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Seemingly Mundane Becomes Beautifully Purposeful

Seemingly Mundane Becomes Beautifully Purposeful

How does a young mother, barely twenty four, find contentment and purpose and joy while staying at home, changing diapers, covered in spit up? Where is the purpose in these seemingly mundane days of motherhood? 

On the brink of chaos, with just one child, I find myself in an endless comparison trap. How does she do it with three kids? How does she make it to church with her hair perfectly brushed, dress beautiful and wrinkle-free, and kids dressed in matching outfits? Will I ever be that put together? 

Comparison creeps into my thoughts, slowly making its way to my heart, where it tears me down, bit by bit. With what feels like thousands of outlets for me to feel lesser-than, if I let the lies and the not-good-enoughs into my heart, I can feel broken. I “catch up” on Facebook periodically because I’m bored...because I’m distracted… because I need someone’s life, or realistically, whatever they want the public to see of their life, to compare to mine. Where is the joy in that? Comparison doesn’t just stop at bodies and looks - it can creep into every part of your life if you let it. I had been letting comparison in, for so long, without even realizing it. I have a friend with thousands of Instagram followers, another friend who travels and experiences parts of the world I’ve only dreamed of seeing, and a friend whose job takes her on exciting trips… but what about me? Me over here...taking care of a one year old, changing diapers, cooking meals, and reading books while I have a moment of quiet. Just me - sitting here wondering when all my excitement and joy and purpose will begin! 

That’s the deadly trap : comparison.

“Is that what the great point of the abundant life is, that we have stories to share? Bragging rights on the seemingly abundant life? But it’s like iron in the veins. Before you blink and your life’s a trindel of smoke, a memory, a vapor, gone, know this: you are where you are for such a time as this - not to make an impression, but to make a difference. We aren’t here to one-up another, but to help another up…… 

figure out how to make an exotic bucket list happen. And twenty years from now, you might wake with a few more wrinkled folds and a sick gut feeling that you bought a lie. Because more than a time or two, you’d grazed up against this truth: no change in circumstances can change your life like meaning and purpose can. No certain place can give you abundant life like a certain purpose can. Like purpose and meaning and connection can.”

Ann Voskamp - The Broken Way

Like Christ can!

I read these words and I can’t help but feel like it’s grace raining down from heaven. This very day, this very chapter, this very truth; it’s just the holy reminder that my heart has been craving. How was I so blind to this before? My days, as seemingly mundane as they feel or even look, have a grand and holy purpose. They have a purpose, not because my life is envious, or my bucket list is being publicly checked off, or my body, clothes, or hair makes other people jealous, or because thousands of people want to know what I’m doing - but because of Christ. 

Every diaper change, plate to wash, meal to cook, person to serve, and towel to fold is another reminder of sacrifice, of giving, of being known, and being purposeful in the very ways the Lord has crafted my days. 

Birthdays have a way of making you reminisce. I never would’ve imagined being twenty four, with a one year old, and husband of 3 years. I never would’ve imagined comparison would continue to plague so many aspects of my life even as I age… especially as I age.  I never could have imagined a God so gracious and loving and kind to give the gift of redemption to a person so undeserving. I never could have imagined that the Lord planned my days, painting every detail so beautifully so only He could be given credit when I remembered the last twenty four years. Years of grace. I never could have imagined a purpose so grand. A purpose that is so holy and entrusted and given to me so that I might have something to gift to the world - Christ.

Martha, Monica, & A Messy Kitchen

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