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Sex & Jesus

Sex & Jesus

Sex! There. I said it.

That might make you a little uncomfortable... maybe you'll stop reading ... or maybe that makes you want to read more! Let's be real. Sex is everywhere. Our culture loves it. Our culture sing songs about it. They praise it. They idolize it. It's hard to even find a show on Netflix that doesn't parade it; sex sells.

Our culture is drowning in it.

But I wonder how many of us could honestly say that our church, our Christian community, our Bible studies, or our prayer groups ever talk about it. Or maybe some of us grew up in a church where sex was talked about, but never in a gospel context. Sure, they talked about it, but all they really said was, "don't have sex".  I wonder how many of us felt as though just saying the word sex brought about judgment, guilt, and shame.

I wonder how many of us grew up pushing the boundaries of sex. Going as far as you possibly could with a stranger in your dorm room or your high school boyfriend or girlfriend, without actually "having sex". I wonder how many people struggle with lust but are too afraid to reach out to their Christian community because they fear people's judgement. I wonder how many people think their life is filled with too much sexual sin and believe they too far gone for God to use any part of them in His redemption story.

"Don't you know that's where the enemy likes us to suffer?

Alone, in secret, feeling isolated, guilt-ridden, shamed. Juggling our rationalizations, stiffing our conviction, and seeking fulfillment from anywhere other than the foot of the cross that has the power to truly open our eyes and set us free." Mo Isom    #SEXANDJESUS

God has the power to redeem the most shameful and sinful parts of ourselves and turn them into His glory. He has the power to change a freshman girl's confused, longing, and ugly heart and fulfill it with true love, grace, and forgiveness. He has the power to take two broken people, with messy sexual pasts, and bind them together in marriage. I believe He has the power to re-write any story because that is what He did for me and that is what He did for my husband. The cross is our victory! The cross is our hope!

"Jesus meets us with compassion. His grace extends salvation to us and in the same breath, refuses to leave us the same." Mo Isom    #SEXANDJESUS

Friends, I don't know how I could better say anything written in,  Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot.


If you're someone who has pushed every boundary of sexual sin, or struggling with pornography, or anxiously awaiting the day you have sex with your spouse, who you have been saving yourself for; this book has something for you. Mo boldly shares her own struggles with trying to be the "good Christian girl", virginity, temptation, porn, pushing boundaries, false sex-pectations, and sex in marriage. This book is filled with rawness, truth, and freedom found in Christ. The world is desperately needing a gospel-centered perspective on sex. The world is needing Christians to vulnerably and boldly share our struggles, temptations, and victories with each other.

Her words spoke to me and I know the Lord can use it to speak into your life as well. I cannot encourage you enough to read Mo's words in, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot!

And checkout her own corner of the web.

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