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Baby Must Haves

Baby Must Haves

In July of 2018 we not only became parents but also baby product buyers! Who knew there were so many choices when it came to diaper creams and baby wash? We didn’t!

We are the few from our friend group who have a child so we didn’t receive many recommendations for baby things you end up needing/wanting. Our baby went through cradle cap, diaper rash, dermatitis, formula intolerance, and bottle refusal all before she was 7 months old! So I decided to share some of our favorite baby products that helped us make it through the newborn months.

Sophie the Giraffe

This tried and true teething toy is my daughter’s favorite teether! She started teething at four months and it was very easy for her to hold onto. Sophie goes with us everywhere!

Shampoo & Wash

Our baby has serious skin irritations to the popular baby shampoos and washes so we finally tried Alaffia. I really love the ingredients, smell, and values behind their company - plus her skin feels & smells great after bath time!

Rubber Bibs

These were a time and sanity saver! We went out and bought some soon after she started eating solid foods because, let’s face it, cloth bibs can be a hassle.

Bumbo Floor Seat

We began using our Bumbo as soon as our baby could hold her head up and eat baby foods. It was very helpful for us when she first started eating but was still too small for her high chair.


Costco Diapers

A big THANK YOU to my parents for getting us a Costco card! Huggies are our favorite diapers and the Costco brand seems to be a very close match (basically identical). It has saved us so much money on diapers! Sam’s Club, BJ’s & Costco are great for parents on a budget.


Our baby would NOT take a regular pacifier (I have no idea why) so her WubbaNub was amazing. It’s the only pacifier that she is willing to hold in her mouth plus it’s super cute!

Silicone Feeder

We ended up giving these a try after using mesh baby feeders (they were gross). I love using these when we’re on the go!

Halo Sleep Sack

We tried SO many swaddles before we gave the Halo sleep sack a try. It took her a few nights to adjust to sleeping without a swaddle but now she loves it! And I love knowing that she is nice and warm without any blankets in the crib.

Newborn Mittens

Our baby loved scratching her face and eyes so we desperately needed mittens. We tried different kinds of socks and Carter’s mittens but these were by far the best! They were the ONLY mittens that stayed on her hands and they were very cheap!

Diaper Cream

We tried what seemed like 100 diaper creams and Aquaphor worked the best! All the popular brands irritated her skin.

Bonus: You can basically put it anywhere. It’s very multi-use!

Cradle Cap

Our baby got cradle cap when she was 1 month old. For a week we had done what our pediatrician recommended to help get rid of it but it wasn’t working so I went on Amazon and Mustela. The reviews were great so I tried some and loved it! It helped get rid of the bumps on her scalp and forehead very well!

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